Program Designers' Lab

6 month to grow your impact

Know the basics

Module 1:  11-17 May 2019, Berlin, Germany

Module 2: October 2019, India

We are inviting founders and managers of accelerators, incubators, NGOs that operate programs for female founders in India. Candidates should have a high degree of responsibility in the company, good command of English and motivation to grow their impact.

Participation in the program is free thanks to the gracious support of the State of Berlin and GIZ.

What is PDL?

Programme Designers’ Lab (PDL) is a series of trainings for Indian accelerators, incubators, associations, NGOs that are either already running or would like to create programmes to support female founders.

PDL consists of two modules and an assignment in between. The first module will take place 11-19 May 2019 in Berlin, Germany and the second in India in October. Taking into account organizational needs, we will cover a broad range of topics: development of the project idea, fundraising, tendering and selection of participants, project implementation (content as well as logistics), marketing, and monitoring & evaluation.

All participating organizations will be encouraged to assess their current offers by analyzing and adapting them to the needs of their target audience. And of course, during the course of the week, we’ll have time to share experience within the group as well as meet German founders and accelerators.

Explore the tools for programme design
Dedicated time for organisational development
Stock up on inspiration
Build a strong network with like-minded organisations