April 18, 2017

StartUp AsiaBerlin Roadshow 2017: Apply now! (Closed)

Less than a year has gone by since we returned from our last road show through Bangalore, Manila and Jakarta. During this inspiring trip, our 25 delegates had the chance to get to know the local startup ecosystems, attend various relevant events and get connected with each other and other interesting stakeholders. This resulted in many fruitful international cooperations and promising discussions. Find some examples here (Berlin-Bangalore Meetup) and here (StartupBoat Philippines) and read the full recap of last year’s roadshow here.We are excited to see that our platform has kick-started such a vivid exchange and are looking forward to continue doing so. That is why we are now inviting you to apply for the next roadshow of Manila, Jakarta and Bangalore that will happen in October 2017. You can look forward to an insightful programme including important events like Slingshot Manila. We will cover your expenses. Startup ecosystem players from Berlin, Bangalore, Jakarta or Manila can apply here.