Meet the delegates to India!

Meet the delegates to India!


We are excited to announce the names of founders from Germany and Indonesia – and their amazing startups – that will be participating in the Delegation trip to India! 

Azadeh Dindarian is Co-Founder of WasteLedger, a start-up working to digitalize waste management industry. She holds Ph.D., in electrical and Electronic Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Computing and Communication Systems Engineering from the University of Manchester, UK. Azadeh has extensive experience as a founder, researcher and consultant. She focuses on Industry 4.0, Smart City, Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability and in particular she researches on use cases of emerging technologies within the sustainable smart city initiatives.

WasteLedger digitalises the entire supply chain of waste. WasteLedger uses IoT, blockchain and AI to track waste and its documentations – including reports, certificates, contracts and permits across the entire supply chain. The WasteLedger team are looking forward to get connected to smart city stakeholders including start-ups and investors in India.




Astri Purnamasari is VP of Corporate Services at TaniHub. Astri is highly experienced in the area of People & Culture, with a demonstrated history of working in  tech companies and the consumer electronics industry.

At TaniHub, Astri is positioned as the CEO’s ‘right hand person’, acting as the CEO’s communication arm concerning other executives in the organization, as well as major clients, stakeholders and partners. Acting as the sounding board for new ideas and initiatives, Astri is responsible for the people and culture department, the corporate communication department, the business improvement department and the non trade procurement.


TaniHub’s vision is to accelerate positive impact-creation within the agriculture sector through the utilization of technology, building their business on three main pillars: Agriculture, Technology, and Social Impact.

At its core, TaniHub’s mission is simple: empower local farmers by providing access to markets and access to finance. TaniHub enables local farmers’ fresh products to be available directly to wider markets, serving both individuals as well as Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) – not only as one of Indonesia’s leading fresh produce e-commerce platforms, but also as a catalyst for the future of Agri-tech. Indonesia and India have many similarities in the area of agriculture, and Tanihub is eager to expand to- or find partners in India  in the upcoming years.



Carrie Lulu Shuler is Co-Founder at Stark. After obtaining her Masters Degree in Communication Carrie founded her first company at the age of 24. Currently she is the Co-Founder at Stark, a platform for the decentralized ownership of EV’s. Stark Mobility is a Techstars Company and is part of Startup Autobahn Powered by Plug and Play. Additionally she is the Berlin chapter lead for the SoGal Foundation, whose mission is to close the diversity gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Through the foundation she hosts curated events focused on the empowerment and education of women in business.


Stark is building a platform for distributed ownership of shared electric vehicles. The digital representation of the EV’s are “purchased as shares” by hosts, yet the actual fleet is branded, serviced and operated by Stark. This model removes the vehicle CapEx from our books and turns it into an asset for the hosts in our community.

Stark believes their new model has the potential to disrupt the traditional concept of individual vehicle ownership. It also allows to leapfrog the missing charging infrastructure EV’s are facing in urban environments. Thus it’s perfectly in line with a shared, electric and autonomous future. It is important for Stark  to survey the landscape and pain points of India’s current mobility solution providers, and determine if there is market fit for our product. Specifically what is the current state of electric vehicle adoption, existing micro mobility solutions, and sharing providers.



Darina Onoprienko is Founder & CEO at Evertrace. Darina’s core competencies lie in the areas of supply chain management, business development and innovation management. With over 5 years of professional experience in international supply chain management and logistics, she is involved at both the operational and strategic level at Evertrace. Previously, Darina was responsible for innovation processes at Next Big Thing AG, with a specific focus on identifying IoT and blockchain use cases. 



Evertrace is a Machine Learning technology company, which develops innovative cargo insurance solutions together with established international insurance companies, including real-time tracking and risk management to cargo owners. With Evertrace, cargo owners and shippers gain more visibility in their supply chain and can anticipate and address issues in a data-driven way, saving operational costs and getting cheaper insurance coverages. 



Lena Bödeker is Head of Operations & Partnerships at Simple Mobility. Lena is responsible for Operations and Partnerships at Simple Mobility. Before this, Lena worked as an Innovation Consultant for GTEC (German Tech Entrepreneurship Center) and in several corporate Accelerators with METRO, Techstars and Airbus. Lena holds a Bachelors Degree in International Business Economics from Maastricht University, and a Masters Degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School.


Simple Mobility offers a one-stop solution for eScooter sharing providers. They offer their own smart eScooter, charging infrastructure (a swop charging shelf), plus the necessary software and service to operate a sharing scheme. Simple Mobility would like to explore the current offer of (scooter) sharing solutions in India, and explore potential partnerships with cities, public transport and corporates.



Miriam Rapien is Co-Founder of rapien & flietner engineering. Miriam is a graduated engineer in architecture and started her career in the year 2000 as a project manager in the technical Management of the municipal hospitals of Hamburg, and later became part of one of the largest private clinic operators in Germany. She held different positions within this group of companies that combined strategic, financial and technical aspects and responsibilities. Together with the engineer and inventor René Flietner, Miriam has started various joint ventures by combining their strongest skills. Their latest venture is Rapien & Flietner engineering, drying technology in agriculture.

Rapien & Flietner engineering offers a full-service in drying solutions for agricultural products and biomass.

With their universal drivable drying system for bulk materials DRY-IN, almost all substrates such as grain, woodchips, cellulose, grasses, separated fermentation residues and leaves can be dried. Even the drying of logs or hay bales is possible. Rapien & Flietner engineering believe that this is a solution which would fit well in the Indian market. Rapien & Flietner are looking for potential synergies in India, as well as business partners, clients, and investors.



Dr. Naja von Schmude is CTO & Founder Peregrine Technologies GmbH. Naja is CTO and founder of Peregrine, where she shapes the development of Peregrine’s computer vision based products.

Naja holds a PhD from Heidelberg University in computer science with a focus on computer vision applications in robotics and autonomous driving. She has 5 years of experience in R&D at Bosch in Germany and Palo Alto, US. Before founding Peregrine, she lead TomTom’s localization ambitions in the autonomous driving research unit as senior software engineer.

The Berlin-based company Peregrine provides artificial intelligence from street-level video. A new data-driven approach that will improve traffic safety as well as decrease congestion and emissions in cities worldwide. Peregrine uses latest methods from computer vision and machine learning for deep scene understanding in real-time. Therefore, the team maximizes the value of existing perception systems in today’s vehicles and adds their own classification, fusion and scene analytics solutions.

For Peregrine, India is a compelling market as we see a lot of potential for our solutions to help making traffic smarter, safer and cleaner. We look forward to meet Indian startups to learn from their experience and to meet other players in that domain to discuss our solutions.


Gigi Etienne is  Mobility Partnerships Manager at What3words. Gigi is an entrepreneur and sales professional looking to make a positive impact. With what3words, Gigi travels the world giving people an address and helping people talk about everywhere. Her particular focus is mobility and Gigi works with ride-hailing, automotive and navigation companies helping integrate the what3words technology. 

what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. By dividing the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and giving each one an unique combination of 3 words, what3words is helping everyone talk about everywhere. We’re currently working with big mobility players in India and our ambition is to have more mobility companies in India who enable the what3words technology.



Laura Schröder is Director of Marketing at greentecAQUA, where she is responsible for all marketing and communication, together with the online and offline appearance of the company.

After her degree in Fashion Jorunalism and Media Communication, Laura started working in public relations and gained a lot of experience in holistic communication activities. At various advertising and creative agencies, Laura improved and demonstrated her conceptional and strategic skills, as well as her sense for aesthetics and design.


greentecAQUA is a multi-national company focused on air-to-water solutions, providing perfect tailored integrated services and making water publicly available where it is needed most. Committed to support non-profit organizations in their aim to ensure clear drinking water for everyone, with its headquarter based in Berlin, the company is also represented with several offices across Asia.

Focusing on the fact that access to clean and healthy drinking water is a fundamental human right, greentecAQUA confidently decided to be the official distributor of SEAS – a Swiss technology-driven company that manufactures efficient and eco-friendly systems turning air into water.



This delegation is part of  the Female Entrepreneurship in Berlin and India project for women founders that has been established in 2018 by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Bund-Länder-Pilotprogramm and is implemented by enpact e.V. as an integral part of the German-Asian startup platform and network Startup AsiaBerlin (SUAB). It is cooperating in India with the bilateral programme „Economic Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs and Start-ups by Women”, commissioned by BMZ and implemented by GIZ, which aims to improve the conditions for women-owned companies in India

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